Health and Happiness Hub

Our Work!

We had the pleasure of working with Holly, founder of Health & Happiness Hub to help create an efficient and attractive website, designed with her demographic of audience in mind.

As well as designing her website, we discussed the most suitable social media platforms for the business and created profiles for each. We also worked together to generate a social media strategy to ensure that she reached the right people and increase business.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone fulfil their dreams and start a business that you have helped in one way or another.

About Health and Happiness Hub

Health and Happiness Hub is based at Larton Livery in Upton on the Wirral. Within the Hub, Health and Happiness are the main objectives, so Holly offers numerous services that involve:

Yoga, Meditation, HIIT classes, Weight Classes and Personal Training.

The services don’t just stop there, Holly is always available for any nutrition advice or for just a chat to help improved well being.